East Cambs District Council lists the advantages of Ely bypass - but there are many disadvantages

The threat of that monster bridge being built at Ely grows daily.

Scott Jackson (East Cambridgeshire District Council planning officer) lists the advantages - eight in all - and agrees there are downsides but leaves it to others to mention in detail.

Firstly pollution. Most expect a 50 per cent rise in heavy lorry traffic within a year of opening and 100 per cent within five years so a major increase is to be expected.

Overall safety on the A142, Soham bypass with its Isleham/Town centre crossroads and its many turnoffs will become even more dangerous.

More rail freight equals more pollution both visually and in terms of noise.

How this bridge will be attractive to those using the station gateway is beyond me, as is the assertion by one of your regular correspondents that it will bring financial benefits to the city.

What are the financial benefits that we can expect from each 40-tonne truck passing over this bridge?

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As for the strike rate on the underpass, this could have been reduced to nil by quite inexpensive means at any time over the last 30 years.

Seems a little odd that just when Soham has created a pinch point to discourage vehicles entering the town we are removing the pinch point that has protected our city for years.


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