East Cambs District Council abandons all except the very well off when it comes to affordable housing

Once again East Cambridgeshire District Council caves in to the developers.

The news that developers will only need to provide 15 per cent of properties as affordable housing, against the council’s own requirement for 30 per cent is just astounding.

With two-bedroom properties being advertised at £185,000, the council is abandoning all except the very well off.

Not only have the developers been let off the hook on affordable housing, but they are not even going to be required to meet their obligations to contribute to the cost of new schools with one developer only paying 75 per cent of its original liability and the other just 45 per cent!

The council is certain it can recover the shortfall on the schools by charging the developers more if the land value increases and it believes that the Church Commissioners land will recover £11million more than anticipated!

In January 2014 the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan acknowledged the need for 1,911 affordable properties to meet the current demand, with a further 660 needed every year.

Those figures were compiled when estimates of house prices were lower, but now the council is certain that prices are going to increase significantly, creating a greater demand for affordable housing.

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House prices will be even higher, the demand for affordable housing will be even higher, yet the supply is not even going to meet the current needs.

This council shows no concern for most of the people living in the area.


City of Ely councillor

Kings Avenue

Via e-mail