Dogs likely to challenge others should be kept on lead at all times - next time it could be a child

Whilst sitting by the Great Ouse pathway in Ely, near Pocket Park, with my dog on Christmas morning I witnessed, along with friends, a dog attacking a small puppy.

The attacking dog had previously been on a lead but was unchained at the time it espied the puppy, allowing it to pin its victim to the ground by the throat while the owners looked on.

When the dog was pulled off, its victim ran off yelping and was comforted by its owner - luckily it seemed no damage was done, although one wonders what the dog will be like when faced with others in the future.

My point is this: if owners have any idea that their dogs are likely to physically challenge others they should be kept on a lead at all times.

Next time it could be a child, with disastrous results.

Most dog owners locally are responsible people and I know many of them - however, it’s the irresponsible, ignorant few that let us all down.


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