Disgusted by filthy state of Ely’s streets - please, council, implement some remedies

I AM a resident of the Ely area and am disgusted by the filthy state of the streets and general environment of the city.

The council department(s) responsible for cleanliness and maintenance are clearly not ‘fit for purpose’ and seriously failing in duty.

The numerous empty shop fronts are filthy. The pavements are strewn with litter and cigarette ends.

I appreciate that the council cannot be held responsible for the low-lifes who create this mess - but they clearly need to implement some remedies.

Perhaps the ‘job seekers’ could be designated a work schedule each day (with a broom and cart) to pick up and clean the streets in return for their benefits, instead of hanging around drinking beer and smoking cigarettes?

These conditions could also apply to those sentenced to periods of community service and probation.

Ely Cathedral Flower Festival is fast approaching, which will doubtless attract many hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists.

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What a sad and horrid impression of this City will these visitors take away with them.

Ely needs a serious scrub-up. And fast!


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