Disagree with Tory method of introducing pay parking in Ely

I REFER to the final sentence of the letter from Councillor Peter Mokes (January 31) in which he appeals for everyone to “work together” to make the district we live in a wonderful place.

Regrettably, while I agree with his sentiment, I cannot agree with the methods he and his Conservative colleagues are pursuing in their desire to push the electorate into accepting the changes they wish to implement.

One such change is highlighted in a letter on the same page directly above his own, another of the many that has highlighted the opposition to any introduction of parking charges in Ely.

As part of his administration’s strategy to placate any opposition a consultation exercise has been introduced, though the fundamental question of whether any charges should be introduced is missing.

In essence this questionnaire is cynically constructed to illicit prescripted responses and is a smokescreen to obscure from residents where their true opposition to any proposed charging regime should be directed.

This is the Off-Street Parking Places Order 2013 which has not seen proper elaboration of its importance and been buried in the administration’s web site out of the public arena.

Like the piece of paper brought back from Munich in 1939 by Neville Chamberlain proclaiming “peace in our time”, this paper exercise has the same air of duplicity in concealing from residents the rightful action they should be pursuing in legally objecting to the introduction of parking charges.

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As with previous consultations on contentious issues, these have developed into an art form of how to present an appearance of awareness while in reality ignoring the key considerations.

It is for that reason residents should take with a pinch of salt Cllr Moakes’ request to “work together”.

Residents reading your newspaper who believe they have had the wool pulled over their eyes should write to the council objecting to the introduction of the parking order.

They have until 4.30pm on March 1 to register their opposition.


Littleport West Ward

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