Council pays for new street lighting - only to turn it off to save money!

Thanks for the story highlighting the recent burglaries in our area and for the story in the Ely Standard on the street lights.

I can see the council obviously listened as now they’ve turned the lights off totally at night, I can’t believe they will not listen to the community on this!

There was no opportunity for discussion as Cambridge had, no formal information sent to anyone they just turned them off.

How is this making it safer? We have a retained fire service and a police force so stretched they’re at a loss.

After speaking to a duty officer a few weeks back they are confused as to why the council deem it logical to turn off lights in a rural area.

The crime statistics suggest that the rate won’t go up, I beg to differ.

It will be an invasion for certain elements especially for machinery thefts etc in the area, have they not realised this?

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Do they not do their homework. I feel loathed to pay the additional money to Cambridge City Council so they can keep their lights on and feel safe! What about the night workers going home or starting an early shift. The stupidity is beyond me.

They paid all that money to upgrade lighting to turn it off or dim it by 60 per cent. Who has to suffer before this is addressed?


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