Couldn’t believe I saw six cars parked on double-yellow lines in New Barns Road, Ely

High Barns and Newnham Street junction, Ely

High Barns and Newnham Street junction, Ely - Credit: Archant

I WAS walking home from work on Tuesday last week and at about 5.45pm I got to the fish and chip shop at the New Barns Road and Newnham Street junction in Ely.

I couldn’t believe what I saw at the junction going up New Barns Road. There were six cars all parked on double-yellow lines up to the playing field side gate.

I saw cars attempting to turn into this junction and having to slam on the brakes due to these very inconsiderate, arrogant drivers.

Firstly, why ignore the double-yellow lines? Secondly, why ignore the Highway Code and park right at the mouth of a busy junction?

There has been a lot of negative press about cyclists these days, so maybe a bit a common sense and law abiding from the lazy, junk-food-scoffing car driving fraternity wouldn’t go amiss either!


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