Community Land Trust debate

I appreciate Mr Woolard taking time out from his extensive letter writing and Facebook postings to read my letter three times and for his support.

These are serious issues with regards to the expansion of the town, housing mix, its sustainability and infrastructure.

Since the initial support received from both our Town and District Council in setting up the Community Land Trust for the people of Soham, it has taken considerable time, effort and commitment from those involved to set up and actively promote the Trust.

We do this willingly without fanfare as active residents of the town as I believe it is a model for the future in addressing many of the problems mentioned above, including those of affordable housing.

The Community Land Trust is localism in action for the benefit of the community and for the princely sum of £1 we welcome members of the public of any political persuasion to join and become actively involved.

As Secretary of the C.L.T. and Chairman of Heritage and Tourism it is my belief that to effect change, one has to be actively involved in the local community year round, especially when dealing with long term projects that require total commitment to see them through.

The comments of Mr Middleton in his published letter last week that “our elected representatives owe us a duty of care to protect, support and develop our community” is absolutely right but often forgotten save when an election is imminent.

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Charles Warner,

Liberal Democrat candidate for Soham South

Via email