Are you a commercial business? This is why you should consider our Commercial Business in the Community Award

Last years Ely Business Awards at Ely Cathedral. Picture: IAN CARTER

Last years Ely Business Awards at Ely Cathedral. Picture: IAN CARTER - Credit: Archant

Our business awards judges are on the look out for East Cambridgeshire’s best commercial businesses supporting the local community.

The Commercial Business in the Community Award is open for any commercial business that contributed to the environment, community and society.

To enter this award - sponsored by JDR Cable Systems - your business must meet the following criteria; outlining the objective, strategy, impact and future commitment.

Entrants must explain what environmental, social or economic projects your company is involved in and why.

Tell our judges the details of your business strategy, including logistics, funding and organisational challenges.

Give the details of the contribution your businesses project has made to the environment or community.

Finally explain the details of future projects or explain how current projects require continuous support.

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John Elworthy, Ely Standard editor, said: "As a newspaper we have been immensely proud of our business awards and their ability to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of many of our local businesses.

"Our judges are, as ever, looking forward to being pointed in the right direction to find the success stories of our area.

"It may simply be a coincidence but many of those featured in the years since we began our award programme have gone on from being small start-up businesses to medium and in some instances large going concerns locally.

"They have enriched our community, provided growth and jobs, and continue to make this a great place in which to live, work and build a future."

JDR Cable Systems, owned by the TFKable Group, is a 'global expert' in umbilical and cable connectivity to the energy industry.

A spokesman for the company said: "We have developed technologies to maximize the efficient delivery of power, control and communications through umbilicals and power cables.

"Using our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we develop and deliver custom built systems for subsea installations at ever increasing water depths as well as economical land energy solutions with the highest reliability."