COMMENTS: Delight over Sunday opening vote

Co-op Littleport

Co-op Littleport - Credit: Archant

Our readers reacted angrily to suggestions by East Cambs Council leader James Palmer who felt local councils should decide if shops should stay open longer on a Sunday.

The new proposals – scrapped by Parliament after Scottish Nationals voted against it instead of abstaining- brought delight to our readers.

Philip Eden wrote: “Deciding something like this locally is not a good idea. After all we are dealing with the Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, etc brigade.

“Sundays are already the second busiest shopping day of the week and all in six hours! Retailers would just be watering down their profits if they opened longer.

“Also sadly decisions about this would be made by majority political parties many of whom have personal views on this sort of subject that would result in uneven rules across the land.”

Dave Powell wrote: “Give people who work in retail a break! Companies will not take on extra staff; they will expect longer trading hours to be absorbed by the people already in their employment.

“Sunday afternoon is one of the few times that people get a chance to all be together as a family. We’re constantly being told the erosion of family life is a huge driving force in antisocial behaviour and disjointed relationships leave things as they are.”

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Benny Geeraerts Bedford advised Cllr Palmer: “Maybe you should give up your job as a councillor and work in retail if you’re that keen on it.

“There’s plenty of time now people can do their shopping and even on line and delivered to their door.”

And David Archer was full of praise for Tory MPs who refused to back the changes.

“Glad to see that there are some sensible Tory MPs’ about,” he wrote.