COMMENTS: ‘£30 million to upgrade Ely North Junction is a total waste of money’

A story in which MP Elizabeth Truss said identifying the cost for the Ely North Junction upgrade was ‘vital’ prompted the following comments via the Ely Standard website.

Rotciv posted: “£30 million just to add about 200 metres of track at Ely North Junction really is a waste of money. A half hourly train service has little effect on this junction.

“What is really needed is to put the double track back between Littleport and Downham Market, and this is the only thing that will produce a reliable service.

“Unfortunately everything like this is too complicated for Network Rail - hopefully after the Shaw Review Network Rail will be broken up and we can get someone more efficient to carry out this sort of work.”

Citizen of EUSSR said: “Total waste of money - just run eight coach trains every hour to King’s Lynn instead of the current four. Far cheaper than running four coach trains every half hour and saves about £30 million at Ely North Junction.”

And Rupert Moss-Eccardt replied: “Unfortunately the comment from “Citizen of EUSSR” has some weaknesses. Currently eight coach trains can only be run when there is no other electric traction in the section. Which is why, the trains are sent in two halves in the morning and reassembled at Cambridge. So, separate from the junction improvements, Network Rail are looking at improving the supply to allow eight coach trains and they are looking at doing that this year or early next. The junction upgrade is being held up because of the poor quality of car driving in the area. Even with the cameras on the crossings people are still being stupid so increasing the frequency of trains through Queen Adelaide can’t happen without changes to the crossings.”