COMMENT: Westwell of Ely by Rosemary Westwell

2 Barton Square, Ely

2 Barton Square, Ely - Credit: Archant

In our own city of Ely, the Barton Square buildings are a case in point. As you know, I was told by a councillor that even if the whole of Ely were against the scheme it would still go ahead and it is. People have been complaining for ages that they cannot find anywhere to park in Ely.

It might be argued that we should all be walking, cycling and using public transport. Now, even when walking you are very likely to be mown down by cyclists as they speed along the same path. Has any thought been given to this? As for public transport - what public transport, I ask? Where are the buses to the new Leisure Centre? A worker at the Leisure Centre told me she can only catch a bus to Ely and then has to walk for about half an hour to get to her work. Why wasn’t transport part of the Leisure Centre plans?

With the shenanigans going on in London and people being moved out of their homes, it is clear that no one had cared about the residents until now. Politicians start talking about systems, processes and layers of bureaucracy – what a lot of nonsense! It takes only an individual to notice there are no sprinklers or fire doors. They should get rid of the antiquated systems and appoint independent individuals and genuine consultants from outside the UK to make judgements about such important matters as fire safety precautions. Their advice should then be the DUTY of the owners, including councils, to rectify any problems within six months and they should be prosecuted or sacked if nothing is done.

Of course, there is the other side of this problem. I’ve heard many tales of ‘adults’ in the 18-25 year range not caring at all about anyone except themselves. I know of one who, although he is perfectly fit, insisted he could not work because he didn’t like getting out of bed early. He is on benefits and being housed by the council.

There are many in this age group who have been molly coddled at home who have no idea how to live as a civilized human being when they rent property. Rather than pay teenagers a living wage, as Corbyn suggests, they need to have supervised accommodation where they are taught how to work, budget on a low wage, cook nutritious food, and do their own washing and cleaning.