COMMENT: Westwell of Ely

Ely Standard columnist Rosemary Westwell,

Ely Standard columnist Rosemary Westwell, - Credit: Archant

So many times we are told how we should behave, what we should drink and eat, how we should bring up our children and how we should work, sleep and relax.

However, no sooner do we follow one fad dictated by scientists than they change their minds and we are suddenly expected to do the opposite.

The latest example of this is that for years we have been told not to give our babies peanuts for they are likely to develop allergies.

Now the scientists have changed their minds and they advise giving our babies peanuts after all - to help them develop a resistance to the allergy.

Sometimes I just wish they would make up their minds!

It makes one support more than ever the common sense people who decide to give their children what they think is sensible, irrespective of any current trend.

After years of parents taking great care not to let their toddlers get dirty or come across any germs, it is being said that our toddlers are no longer as resistant to diseases as they used to be. Surprise, surprise!

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Another bit of advice we have been given as adults is that we should avoid alcohol.

Yet, there has been a sudden change of attitude here. We all know that over the years, popping down to the pub of an evening and having a pint or two has been frowned on.

However, another report recently discovered that those who visit the pub like this regularly are more sociable and friendly than those who stay at home.

The pub visitors are therefore more likely to be happier and relatively free from stress, thus reducing the effects of stress-related health problems.

Not only are our scientists giving us too much prescriptive advice that they are more than likely to change anyway, now it turns out that they don’t really know everything about the body they claim to know better than anyone.

Recently have they discovered a new organ, the mesentery, which is not a number of different membranes in our abdomen but one continuous organ.

The fact that Leonardo da Vinci had described the said organ accurately in the 1500s had no effect and his knowledge was obviously dismissed by those who thought they knew better.

After all this, I think it is time for us to decide for ourselves how to live our lives!

I always knew a laptop was a useful device.

This was believed more so by one of the people caught up in the Fort Lauderdale shooting.

His laptop was in his backpack and it caught a bullet that was shot at him, thus saving his life.