COMMENT: Lyn of Littleport by Lyn Guest de Swarte

Pic of Littleport Riot 200 organiser Deborah Curtis Watson

Pic of Littleport Riot 200 organiser Deborah Curtis Watson - Credit: Archant

There’s nothing worse than complaining about a legitimate source of complaint and it ending up falling on a deaf’un.

Now we have had a seemingly never ending plague of plastic barriers round our old lamp posts courtesy of electrical contractors Balfour Beatty in Littleport.

Plastic per se may be a non-conductor of electricity but it has certainly attracted the ire of Littleport’s residents in a veritable thunder-storm of complaint.

In the grand scheme of things I suppose the in/out referendum or even who is going to be the next police commissioner for Cambridgeshire could have occupied people’s thoughts and emotions last week; except for those pesky falling over and in the way all the time mobile (extremely mobile) groups of something like 6 foot by 3 impedimenta!

This work, putting various new poles in the pavements of our main thoroughfares, was supposed to end by now.

Visitors to the last weekend’s wide raft of entertaining events, and the village shops and cafes, and the Farmers Market, had to negotiate their pathways to these, just like the rest of us have had to do all the rest of the time.

For instance, more than 3,000 merry-makers sported a wristband or hand-stamp in exchange for their entry fee to the 363 MCC’s annual charity event at the Crown Inn last Saturday. Landlord Rob cheerfully coped with the crowds and keeping his toilets in sanitary condition throughout. And the hundreds of pristine, immaculately maintained, bikes packing Crown Lane – and up round the Harley Memorial were a sight for every bike lover’s sore eyes!

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Looking like there’s been an invasion of giant moles, the digging up of Littleport’s pavements might have been better tolerated perhaps had there been plans to erect signposts telling in-comers and our increasing numbers of tourists where the municipal toilets and car park is off Main Street.

Let’s hope that the chorus of disapproval reaches the obviously noise-protector clad ears of those at BB and chivvies the work along, and rids our village of these 21st century annoyances by the Littleport Riot 200-years-on major events day on May 22.

One of these is a walk en masse to Ely. Another riot anyone?

One of the Littleport Riot 200 organisers, Deborah Curtis Watson, was spotted outside the Adams Heritage Centre during the Farmers Market and crafting workshop wearing old clothes – well a 200- year-old costume actually – giving out programmes printed courtesy of Littleport’s Copier Warehouse that just happens to be run by another well-known community activist, trustee of the Heritage Centre and parish councillor Debra Jordan, who was inside at the time.

Debra will be among the councillors sitting out front hosting the Littleport Parish Council Annual Assembly on Monday May 16 at 6.45pm in the Village Hall. This is always a lively not to be missed occasion!

The usual council meeting begins 10 minutes after the close of the public meeting.

In Main Street plans are well on for owner Rima’s Polish deli’s expansion into bigger premises that was Lloyds the chemist before they moved to the medical centre.

Did you know that you can purchase just one egg from them if need be according to Jo Yates-Brown at the Bargain Centre opposite; but I feel it incumbent upon me to let you know in turn that at that 1893 established business you can buy really large old fashioned style ladies knickers amongst other substantial men’s and women’s garments that people come miles to get!

You can also buy tickets there (at £10 each) for the Littleport Players summer extravaganza – the grown-ups, over 16s only musical, ‘Avenue Q’. It’s on July 8 and 9 at the Village Hall. The show’s director Karen Booth is renowned for putting on some of the best amdram in the country and also has tickets for sale at her hairdressing salon, Bizzie Lizzie, on Ponts Hill just down from the Legion/Ex-Servicemen’s Club.

Speaking of which, you might like to go along to that CIU affiliated Club, guests and new members always welcome, on Saturday 14th when Elvis is appearing from 8.30pm til late in the person of Ian Coulson. Key in CB6 1PZ to your satnav.

On Monday May 16 there’s an all-day over 60’s bowls tournament at the Leisure Centre in Camel Road, CB6 1EW.

Tuesday May 17 being the third one of the month, The Littleport Society is in the Village Hall and the speaker at 7.30pm is the famous historian Mike Petty whose talk is entitled, ’The fighting parson and the mutineer’s brother – the men who smashed the Littleport riots’…

There has always been plenty to talk about in Littleport of course, and plenty for people to talk about, about Littleport, as well.

Our village rocks!