COMMENT: Lyn of Littleport by Lyn Gibb-de Swarte

Lyn of Littleport writes about Charlie the hedgehog in her column this week (July 7).

Lyn of Littleport writes about Charlie the hedgehog in her column this week (July 7). - Credit: Archant

One of the nicest things about living in Littleport is that an otherwise none too happy trip to the medical centre and pharmacy can turn into a sociable hour or so, where you can catch up with friends and chew the fat with them, and not about your medical condition or why you, and they, are there at all.

Lyn of Littleport writes about beers in her column this week (July 7).

Lyn of Littleport writes about beers in her column this week (July 7). - Credit: Archant

On my visit last week, I bumped into community activists ECDC councillor Paul Cox, and Field Theatre Group’s Deborah Curtis Watson and her equally distinguished old man, and chatted about all-sorts.

Another good thing is that although I know that you can live in any place and grow your own fruit and veg - both sets of my South London grandparents did that in abundance, although not many of their neighbours did the same - here in Littleport it seems to be woven into the fabric of life for most.

We’re only doing the tomatoes, cucumber and rhubarb as per this year, so although getting some other kinds of home-grown supplies from Littleportians in the immediate vicinity, we treat ourselves to a weekly trip down Wisbech Road to The Shed that’s over the roundabout going towards Welney, to have another of those friendly chin-wags with John and Lindsay while admiring their stock (their own as well as local produce) and buying a bit more.

And where else local could you get tomato ketchup with vodka in it called Bloody Mary! They sell some interesting bottled beverages too. How about a beer called ‘The Squirrels Nuts’ - but the dehydrated and exhausted hedgehog they found in their field was happy to be given just plain water… Named Charlie by their daughter, he was soon back in the wild, suitably refreshed and strengthened.

Charlie’s good outcome adds to our usual quota of happy animal stories doing the rounds of conversation in the village. Like the chicken found wandering and returned home, and the 4 bunny rabbits who belong to Waggin Walkies dog walking proprietor, Bex Heslop, who decided that they could go for a walk on their own! These too were picked up quite quickly, which was a relief for a very upset Bex, and are now safe and sound indoors again!

As Tuesday July 11 is the second one in the month, the Littleport Women’s Institute meet at the village hall at 7.15pm. All women are welcome to this friendly group and the speakers are always very interesting. Call Pat Ollive for more details; 01353 864830.

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Mind you, the jury may still be out on my talk about the Littleport Life magazine a few years ago…

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