COMMENT: Lyn of Littleport by Lyn Gibb-de Swarte

Lyn of Littleport writes about cows grazing along side the Great Ouse in her Ely Standard column thi

Lyn of Littleport writes about cows grazing along side the Great Ouse in her Ely Standard column this week (June 22). - Credit: Archant

Seems like there may be an opening for a new kind of cycle building business in Littleport.

With a spate of bicycle thefts leaving owners young and old bereft of their very nice and often expensive models, Mike Goodall says the only bike it’s safe to leave at the station is a rusty old wreck that’s not worth anything. Now they are being taken from outside houses too.

If there was no resale value, it would render them un-nickable! As there aren’t too many of those old heaps, so abundant in my youth, laying around anymore, why doesn’t somebody actually make some up and sell them?

I should mention at this point that YPL have a modern bike repairs, spares and sales in the village. (01353 864611)

And, on the subject of thievery and ill-gotten gains, how much do you reckon 24 white cobbles pinched from an elderly resident’s front garden the other day will fetch?

Or onions from an allotment?

And what do you think the penalty should be for these miscreants when - and if - caught? There’s been lots of suggestions…

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But this is Littleport, where the good far outweighs the bad on all fronts.

One civic-minded resident, William James, took it upon himself to clean up the youngsters’ skate park the other day and filled a big green bag with rubbish.

And he found a set of door keys, with the address attached - and as he said to the relieved house-holder when he returned them, “I could have had a cup of tea and made a sandwich in your house when I called round and you were out!”

Some designer spectacles were lost, but found by someone among the 3,251 villagers who use the Littleport Notice Board on Facebook, and were thereby returned to their grateful wearer.

Another bonus for living in Littleport is the surrounding countryside. Lots of people particularly enjoy having a ramble along the river bank. But in the summer months, so does a lovely herd of cows. Now why are walkers surprised to come upon these bovines grazing near a footpath in the village? Agreed we are not over-run by livestock on the fens, but there is a fair amount, even with all the arable crops.

This has given rise to some lively discussions I can tell you! Derek Timbers, in farming for 50 years, said, “well we always had cattle on the bank, no problem. We just had to put a notice up if there was a bull on the bank!