COMMENT: Lyn of Littleport

Go Johnny Go

Go Johnny Go - Credit: Archant

Taking one’s home Christmas decorations down on 12th Night to prevent bad luck wouldn’t have troubled anyone (officially) during the years Cromwell’s Parliament abolished Christmas.

Even had it stayed on the statute books, to be defied in private, the perennial question whether it falleth on January 5 or 6, troubleth not my eldest son’s wife, who determinedly puts them up, and religiously takes them down every year after Boxing Day…

And they banned festive attire and giving of gifts too.

But as Littleport is committed to continual charitable efforts, any such edicts relating to Christmas Day would be but a 24 hour hiatus in the general gift-giving efforts of its citizens!

As for festive attire; sundry Santas and reindeers have been seen on the streets recently it’s true, albeit not on Christmas Day, but Littleport mascot George the Dragon and the Littleport Morris side also enliven the village scene at other times.

The Littleport Players dress up twice a year, before and after Christmas, and at mid-summer, when they present superbly entertaining shows that are always attended by appreciative if sometimes raucous audiences! Oh yes they are!

This Sunday January 8 at 4pm Cinderella, beautifully dressed, not really by her fairy godmother but by expert costumier Sheila Goodall, who provides all the pantomime cast with their fine clothing, is on at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club.

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Before that at the village hall from 2pm to 4pm, the Cuppa Cake and Company Club, organised by the YANA group, hold their monthly get-togethers. As they say, “it’s for anyone of any age who fancies a bit of company on a Sunday afternoon.”

If you need a lift or more info call 07904817941.

So as befits the month of January, named after the Roman god Janus who looked backwards and forwards at the same time, we take a glance back at last year - December 31, 2016, to be precise - and I can report that much festive fun, dressing up, gift giving, giving to good causes (like the proceeds of Jo Coe’s family disco going to the ceiling repair fund of the village hall wherein it was held) and seeing in of the New Year, went on all over the village in homes and at various public venues, as it ever has.

The Johnny Be Good rock and roll night at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club was our choice for New Year’s eve.

Well, what’s nicer about living in Littleport than meeting friends and old neighbours in a welcoming place and enjoying music you grew up with? Happy New Year!