COMMENT; Lyn of Littleport

Max the dog

Max the dog - Credit: Archant

It’s a well-known fact that we love our animals in Littleport.

Jurassic bark

Jurassic bark - Credit: Archant

Apart from sustaining a large veterinary practice, Johnson and Scott based by the station at 1a Lynn Road, we have two thriving well-stocked pet shops.

There’s Camelot Creature Comforts on Hale Fen, with its menagerie of the owners’ pets, including a trio of dogs, Nelson the horse and friendly hens; and Jurassic Bark in Saxon Business Park, and though they do have a new grooming parlour, they keep no animals on site.

Except when the latter became a temporary home from home for Max, the elderly black Labrador who decided to go for a wander (more of a stagger really) and was found on a cold morning last week by Kathryn Jane.

He must have thought he was in heaven when Kathryn, a member of staff, took him in to work with her pending the eventual happy reunion of dog and human companion!

Lyn Gibb-de-Swarte

Lyn Gibb-de-Swarte - Credit: Archant

It was a short-lived, although fully catered, holiday however, for as soon as Kathryn put a call out, he was claimed with a local alerting his owner, and giving all concerned the lowdown on Max.

Turns out he is always getting out, but doesn’t usually manage to get that far away from home and the neighbours who know him.

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Another thing we are well known for is a good moan, and not just about the dog poo situation and bus timetables either.

Much mention of the treacherousness of our roads in the cold snaps, no gritting but verge grass-cutting!

And like those not picking up after their dogs, just a few miscreants are continuing to aggravate the many of Littleport by using the roads as a race-track after dark.

We could do with our 2016 Citizen of the Year Urn Clift and his Speedwatch team out there with night cameras.

Well he is a doyen of Littleport Camera Club!

They meet in the library at 1pm on the first Tuesday of the month. (everyone welcome).

Mind you, ‘hand held devices’ aren’t allowed in the rules for Speedwatch volunteers, so maybe not!

There’s always much to enjoy in Littleport, whether in a community based activity or in its pubs and club.

There’s Zumba at 7.30pm on Thursdays at the Leisure Centre. The Plough and Harrow present Chrissie Cadillac, a 50’s60’s tribute act, at 9pm this Saturday (14) and the Ex-Servicemen’s Club, the Crown and the Swan on the River, restaurants and takeaways, are all open for business as usual.