COMMENT: Griggs of Soham by Geoff Griggs

Tree planted by Geoff Griggs

Tree planted by Geoff Griggs - Credit: Archant

BIG BANG It seems a little strange that if one of the utilities wants to site or move a post they have to put up signs and maps but if the authorities see fit to let off a grenade in the middle of a residential area then they can just get on with it.

That’s what happened last week in the Fordham Road, Staples Lane, Brook Street area. Not that you could expect a knock on every door, but a loud-speaker van would have been at least courteous. Let’s face it, if you can’t hear a loudspeaker you probably won’t hear an explosion. Anyway, it would appear that a grenade was found on a building site and a bomb disposal unit conducted a “controlled explosion.” Until the facts filtered through the motto on the banner on site seemed pretty accurate; “Get moving with Bovis Homes!”


Jake the spaniel was a bit miffed that he wasn’t allowed to come with me on Saturday when I visited the St Andrews School Summer Fete. He wasn’t so upset at missing the stalls, one of which was selling pictures made of buttons, or the overloaded tombola table. He wasn’t even too upset at missing the sports, not even the obstacle race, even though it looked a lot of fun. No, being a dog, he was most upset that he couldn’t have a look at one of the trees on the site. I had told him that many moons ago I was chair of the St Andrews Home and School Association and that one of my duties was to plant a tree. Jake is quite keen on telegraph poles but really prefers trees but, unfortunately, dogs and primary schools are not a good mix. He’ll just have to make do with the picture I took on the day.


As with any gathering these days there were an awful lot of cars at the fete and parking became more and more scarce. It was a bit sad to note that the Village College car park at the bottom of the drive remained firmly locked at all times. Quite and example to the youngsters of what a good neighbour is.


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If you have some time to spare on Wednesday (27th) or even if you don’t, find some, nip along to the Methodist Hall on Berrycroft between 9.30 and 3.30 for a pleasant break. It marks Ann and Sarah’s tenth annual open day with stalls, refreshments, lunches and, a bit of a surprise with these Methodists as it sounds a bit like gambling, raffles and a tombola. Proceeds from the hard work will go to the Methodist Church in Soham.


In a former life I spent some time driving coaches. One routine job was to pick up the little darlings from the King’s School in Ely and deliver them home. Of course, not all of them travelled by coach, some were picked up by parents in their highly polished automobiles. Coaches, cars and children gathered on the coach park area of the Barton Road car park in a complete mish-mash of vehicles. So, if the coach park is turned into housing presumably the chaos that once reigned there will transfer to the road. Well thought out East Cambs!