COMMENT: Griggs of Soham by Geoff Griggs

Road sign

Road sign - Credit: Archant

HAPPY BIRTHDAY By now everyone who speaks English must know that today is the Queen’s birthday, so allow me to wish her a very happy 90th on behalf of her subjects in Soham.

If we’d thought about it a while ago we could have had a street party in Queensway! I did nearly see her once when she was on one of her visits to Newmarket to see her horses.

There was a bit of a crowd on the high street but just before she passed by I dropped one of my motorcycle gloves and by the time I found it she’d gone but I gave her a wave anyway.


Jake the spaniel is full of admiration for the impressive Callum Fairhurst after his around the world bicycle ride. Not only has he kept his brother’s memory alive but he’s raised a worthwhile amount of cash for the Liam Fairhurst Foundation to make dreams come true for children and young people with enough on their plates already. He’s also proved what a mature and focused chap he is.

The closest lots of people his age get to a round the world trip is a tweet to Australia. Jake wonders if Callum is now suffering from a surfeit of energy and, if so, would he like to do a bit of dog walking?


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Worst bit of news of the week was on Friday; the EU referendum campaign officially began. So far it’s just been politicians being politicians, talking a lot and saying very little.

All we want is some facts put to us as if we were grown-ups capable of paying our due taxes and not endless this might happen if we leave or that might happen if we stay. So far two leaflets have hit the doormat, one that cost us part of £9 million and the other from goodness knows who with some of most biased propaganda possible. So far I’ve not seen any guidance from our brand new MP.

In fact, I’ve not seen her at all although there appears to have been a sighting on Kennett railway station.


Trundling around town recently I became a bit confused by a couple of signs. The first was on Clay Street.

It read “Village College, Ross Peers Sports Centre,” but instead of pointing down College Road it was vaguely indicating St Andrew’s Park. Let’s hope there are not too