COMMENT: Griggs of Soham by Geoff Griggs

Hunstanton in its heyday

Hunstanton in its heyday - Credit: Archant


So Soham’s station is one step nearer. It makes you wonder how many steps away it was in the first place.

In the way of all government, local,national or global the way forward appears to be to form a committee or working party peopled by members specially chosen for their complete inability to do anything practical. Consequently it is doubtful if anyone on the newly established Soham Railway Station joint East Cambridgeshire District Council/Cambridgeshire County Council Project Group would help much if given access to a shovel and a cement mixer which, most of us reckon is all that is needed to get the station viable again.

Let’s face it, all we are expecting is a platform and, if possible, a bus shelter. There is no requirement for branches of WH Smith or Tie Rack.

As I remember it there wasn’t much more than a platform in the ‘50s and ‘60s when the station was still operating and we would jump on a train on a Sunday for a day on the beach in Hunstanton.

Alas there can be no chance of reopening Hunstanton station; the line has gone and the station is now a car park.

But let us look on the bright side, our station isn’t totally pie in the sky any more, it hasn’t been dismissed out of hand and we now appear to have a group of wordsmiths on our side, just don’t hold your breath!

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Jake the spaniel is a bit of a romantic. Not that he is involved in romance first hand any more, he’s more of a theorist and enjoys other people’s hearts and flowers moments.

Consequently he’s a bit starry-eyed today as it is the 206th anniversary of the Emperor Napoleon’s wedding day.

Jake can only imagine the glamour of the occasion and now thinks that he knows why Napoleon always kept one hand stuck up his shirt. He was checking that he had the ring, being Napoleon, who crowned himself emperor, he wouldn’t have trusted a best man with it.


Ever since I was pedestrianised and later electrified, in other words had my driving licence revoked and started using a mobility scooter, I have noticed that I seem to know far more people than I thought I did. Each trip involves grinning at and waving at several passing vehicles, usually sensible family saloons.

Let’s face it, Ford, Vauxhall, Kia and Honda all make excellent value for money runabouts. It’s just that it would be nice to know some people at the other end of the spectrum.

With this in mind I waved at a Lexus and a Mercedes the other day. Nothing! So now I know my place, It’s Fiestas and the odd Jazz from now on.


If listening to somebody singing while they’ve got a finger stuck in their ear is your ideal then perhaps Soham’s folk night at the Fountain on Monday isn’t for you.

Although there is usually a good selection of what is generally thought of as folk music there are also songs that are only really eligible because they are performed acoustically. Either way it is usually an enjoyable evening, you can even have a go yourself if you feel like it. Any time from 8pm onwards should see the tuning of guitars subside and the playing start.


The tragedy that has hit the young family from Downfields this last week has hit all of us who knows them. It was bad enough to hear that Gary Hartley was terminally ill, but when the news broke that he had passed away it was difficult to take in. Now friends of the family and their three youngsters have opened a just giving site to try to provide for the children.

To suddenly find that you are terminally ill with days to live doesn’t really leave much time to get your affairs in order so on this occasion the appeal is legitimate. If you would like to help then visit Our thoughts are with Shelly and the little ones.