Christine, your ‘plan’ to solve Ely parking problems will deprive shopkeepers of their business

This letter is in reply to Christine Jones for solving our parking problems with her cycling experience.

One day Christine you will be like me - too old to ride a bike and too old to walk any distance. That’s why I have a blue badge in my car.

At one time I rode a bike, but when I could afford a car I bought one to get about easier and to visit places further away.

I came to Ely in 1950, as a young ex-serviceman. Everyone cycled everywhere as affording a car was out of the question.

As time went by, we all got cars - and out went the bikes. When transport came through Ely and round the Lamb Corner, riding a bike was like dicing with death until the A10 bypass was built.

You say that pavements and cycle paths should be widened, and that if you have a car you should not park on the streets in Ely.

This move, however, will deprive shopkeepers in Ely of their business.

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