Chance your “cynical” tone Griggs and rediscover the “jolly” style you were associated with, councillor says

There was a time when I would look forward to Thursdays – not because one would be approaching the weekend but because The Ely Standard would drop through the letter box.

One of the main reasons for this excitement would be the humorous and topical Geoff Griggs’ column. Recently, however, I have been dismayed as to the quality and content of the column.

I was lucky enough to have been re-elected to represent Soham South on ECDC. Consequently, I guess that I am a politician of sorts … albeit with a very small ’p’ but a very big heart!

One has to expect unflattering comments from all sides – after all, if you can’t take it … you shouldn’t have joined! Comments are one thing but the monotonous negativity, specifically aimed at my party, week after week like a dripping tap, is at best tiresome.

The recent election and result are now history. The Tories on ECDC can now look forward and begin to deliver the promises that we stood and were elected for.

However … hang on a minute … what’s this we read in Mr Griggs’ column this week: “If Bluebottle from the Goons had put himself forward he would probably have a seat just because he has the right colour in his name.”

So now the familiar rudeness and negativity has switched its focus from Tory politicians (who are fair game) and our policies, to the electorate.

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How patronising Mr Griggs, not only have you insulted a large part of the electorate (who were interested and passionate enough – despite your efforts, to vote) but undoubtedly some of your readers.

Please reconsider the style and tone of your comments and the audience at which they are aimed. You have a unique ‘platform’ from which you can comment on local issues in a jovial and positive manner. Please do not abuse this privilege by clouding it with your personal political opinion.

You ended your column with a Chinese proverb. I shall end my letter with this: “Cynicism is the lowest form of wit.” Please bring back the light hearted, jolly style with which you were always associated with, it is much more becoming.


Soham South Ward