Cast your votes in the general election for the right to moan - but don’t expect any miracles

Now the festive period is over we can now all say what we really mean to each other – and the political parties are no exception.

The smaller parties haven’t started yet but, in the case of the Liberal Democrats, it is surprising that the 2010 “darling of the hustings” Nick Clegg has yet to open his mouth.

Maybe it’s because he opened it too much last time and finished up as Cameron’s lap dog, barking to order on certain issues. One thing is for sure, he let his party down.

As for Cameron, well, he spends a lot of time talking about the economy which is undoubtedly recovering, but has little to say about the NHS.

He is avoiding the truth on this great national institution and seems to think he can get away with it by talking about extra doctors and nurses.

Anyone visiting A&E will ask “where are they” when they’ve spent half a day waiting in a corridor. The truth is obvious and that is the NHS was not built to cater with modern demands and needs huge funding... NOT a vote winner.

Then we come to Miliband who, it seems, was elected by mistake (his brother is the savvy one!).

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Mention the economy to Miliband and he will accuse the coalition government of a myriad of crimes, conveniently forgetting his cronies built up the deficit anyway.

Mention the NHS and he loves it, claiming the Tories are destroying it.

Ask him the solution and he will not admit that we need a LARGE INCREASE in National Insurance contributions to meet the demands of 2015 (and unheard of in July 1948).

Why will he not admit it? It’s not a vote winner.

So folks, don’t get too excited about the May election - we should all cast our votes in order to give us the right to moan afterwards but don’t expect miracles because there won’t be any.


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