Car park is cordoned off because of dwindling numbers of people who support the club

IN reply to Geoff Griggs’ column regarding the cordoning off of our car park, it’s due to the economic situation and dwindling numbers of members who support the club by using it as a club and not just as a free car park, or park free for a year for the �12 annual membership fee.

As for saying we do not wish to be part of the town, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a shame you make a comment like that without just coming into the club to find out why we took this action.

I notice you did not suggest using the pub car parks as they, like ours, stand empty when the pub is not open, or would that be inward looking?

May I welcome all those who complain about the club charging �1 for a day’s parking to come in and enjoy the club, spend a few bob over the counter and then the comrades club may be able to prosper.

Then, maybe, the car park can be open for all to enjoy.