Brownfield site with better transport links is still an option for Ely cinema

SARAH Ratcliffe suggested that a clear preference was stated for the A10/Downham Road option for Ely cinema.

However, a third of respondents (about 50 people less) also voted for the brownfield site near the railway station.

This site still gives access for pedestrian/cycle access from the town centre and residential areas nearby whilst also allowing rail access from nearby areas such as Littleport without resorting to the car, which Downham Road would rely on.

Any traffic issues will be solved with the medium-term solution of the bypass coming to fruition and it should be an essential part of the station gateway plan (whatever that may be at present).

Public votes are an important indication but surely councillors are elected to provide more unbiased expert guidance for the long-term good of the area?

This I believe would point towards a brownfield site with better overarching transport links by the station rather than the proposed greenfield site that happens to be owned by the council.


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