Brownfield site is much more suitable for Ely Cinema

WITH reference to the brownfield site for the cinema, I totally agree with Tom Maddock, it would be a far better option than Downham Road.

The opinion was only taken from those with e-mail, had a telephone response been an option the vote may well have proved different. Anyway, I wonder how many of those who voted actually go to the cinema?

The brownfield site is much more accessible by foot, road, rail and public transport. Not everyone owns a car and who would want to walk home from Downham Road on a cold, dark night on their own? It would be far too dangerous a road to negotiate.

Come on, let’s have a proper vote, by e-mail, letter, phone or any other means so that we can all be counted. Not taking the decision by just a few, but all that would like to cast a vote. Keep the cinema in town.