Bring back the swinging bar at Ely railway bridge - it’s cheap and effective

WHY do not people listen to common sense, just once in their lives?

We have been saying for years to bring back the swinging bar at the railway bridge in Ely. It can be provided at very little cost - and means no flashing lights at very high cost.

All that is needed two steel posts, one each side of the road at standard height for lorries to go under, a bar across the top, with chains hanging down, and a swinging bar at the bottom of them at the same height as the bridge’s clearance.

If the vehicle hit this first at a distance from the bridge it can stop and go over the crossing - meaning no hold-ups and no damage. Traffic also keeps moving.

These high-tech boys say they know it all and come up with their ideas for things like flashing lights, but simple things prove the best methods. I have erected this type of bar at many places and they work every time so do not tell me it does not work.

For the cost of these lorries hitting this bridge, we could have now had the southern bypass now up and running.


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