Boathouse is another example of what Cambridge University wants, Cambridge University gets

THE BOATHOUSE is the worst thing that could have happened to this area. It is another case of what Cambridge University wants it gets.

I cannot believe the mentality of ‘our’ councillors if they think this is going to attract trade to Ely.

The university already has a boathouse in Ely near the Maltings and I do not see visitors flocking to look at that.

It will have no benefit to the people of Ely apart from a few (maybe) in a fairly new rowing club to Ely.

I hope people in the future will condemn these short-sighted councillors when our children and grandchildren mourn the loss of our rare birds and mammals through lack of habitat. And I hope people remember those of us that tried to stand up and protect our environment.

I shall say one last thing to these councillors: man does not own this earth, we are a part of it and it is our duty to protect it and all that live with us on it.

I hope in the future we have people voted on our council with more sense.

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