Blue political boards in Soham

I write in reply to Daniel Divine’s letter in The Standard June 5.

There are blue political boards on private property alongside the major roads leading to, exiting and around Soham.

In case Daniel has forgotten, there is a District Council by-election in Soham on Thursday June 19 caused by the recent sad death of Councellor John Palmer.

I am rather surprised at Daniel’s letter as I believe he is a candidate in that election.

Maybe the explanation is that Daniel lives in Little Downham, represents Littleport at the County Council, has recently stood as a district council candidate in Sutton and has just forgotten that he is standing in Soham.

His email does, however, say that he is a candidate but maybe that is just the current standardised footer?

The signs supporting Soham resident Hamish Ross will be removed soon after the election.

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