Berry Fen wind farm plan was withdrawn because of eye-watering cost of transformers

Yet again Councillor Steve Cheetham, co-chairman of Stop Berry Fen Wind Farm, has to be corrected.

The application was withdrawn because UK Power Networks wanted an eye-watering amount of money to install super grid transformers further ‘upstream’. Therefore, this was not a victory for the antis.

I had already had a whisper that the planning committee intended to ‘throw the application out’ and that was before the planned meeting on July 1 – very strange!

To change tack – the three Haddenham councillors have now got to show that they deserve to be councillors by getting something done about the Robert Arkenstall School classrooms, or lack of.

This is not a recent problem as there has been lack of classroom space for three decades.

Now the three councillors have every opportunity in pressing their MP Lucy Fraser to get something done, particularly as she has been elected to the Education Select Committee.

Mobile classrooms can be cold in winter and extremely hot in summer which is not ideal for children to concentrate on their studies.

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