‘Bedroom Tax’ is unworkable - some could be excused for thinking it was an April Fool’s prank

THE benefit changes announced by the Government took effect on Monday, although some people could be excused for thinking the whole thing was an April Fool’s prank were the matter not so serious.

How can the Government (which I voted for) expect the public to swallow all the nonsense over the so-called “Bedroom Tax” when the thing is totally unworkable and is merely another way of raising revenue?

The bedrooms involved will still remain “spare” and the individuals concerned will not move anywhere because there is a lack of suitable social housing anyway.

Whoever thought out this hair brained idea should seek medical advice in my view.

Another smack in the teeth for ordinary people is the reduction of the top tax rate from 50 per cent to 45 per cent. It is claimed it will promote growth but what is the point of that when there will be fewer people with the funds to spend?

Iain Duncan-Smith’s assertion that he could live on £53 per week if he had to is pathetic - he will never have to so he can come out with daft statements which are an insult to ordinary people.

All this is only surpassed by Labour’s inability to come up with serious alternatives and content themselves with criticism of the coalition when they caused the problem over 13 years in the first place.

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I therefore have to ask, can someone suggest who I should vote for next time or should I stay at home on polling day 2015?


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