Astonished that Cambs County Council feels there is no need for Lynn Road crossing

I AM quite astonished that Cambridgeshire County Council has assessed that there is no need for a pedestrian crossing along Lynn Road, Ely.

A spokesman concluded that crossing activity only concentrates around school times. Surely this is the whole point of why a crossing is needed - to keep children safe on their way to school!

I fully support Mr Jones and all the parents who have to cross Lynn Road. The authorities are shunning their responsibilities here. I guess this is a cost issue as usual.

That seems clear to me by the statement loading responsibility onto East Cambridgeshire District Council to identify funding for such a measure.

Remarkably, the authorities can find the £100,000 to upgrade the Lancaster Way roundabout, which is only a problem if negotiated at excessive speed.

Yet, with the crossing, we have a real issue which clearly is a massive safety concern to parents but the authorities deem it acceptable to gamble with people’s lives.

Something needs to be done before the unthinkable happens. The authorities need to get down here again, have a real good look at things, talk to those concerned and think again. And do it, NOW.

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PS: Why do a significant number of cyclists in Cambridge city centre ride around in dark clothing with no lights on? I suppose one day a bus driver will get the blame for knocking one of those invisible people over.


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