As no-one owns Ely market square, then it’s mine - and prove that I do not own it.

Well, well, well... who owns Ely Market Square?

I can only quote Victor Meldrew in his TV sitcom when he says: “I don’t believe it.”

In the 1950s Ely Urban District Council ran the market and supplied the stalls for market days. It also overlooked the removal of the Victoria Fountain from the square.

More recently, the market square has been refurbished many times with the work overlooked by East Cambridgeshire District Council and the City of Ely Council.

It has now been discovered that neither of them own it. However, market traders are still having to pay fees.

These stall holders have been charged under false pretences and the district council, as it is responsible for the markets, should pay the fees back or give to the owner of the market if one is found.

I think we should go back to the days of Ely’s red book, which used to be onsale in Ely shops, when every householder was named and the street they lived in. It could also have ownership of land and properties in the same red book.

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As no-one owns Ely market square, then it’s mine - I own it. And prove that I do not.


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