Agree that charity shops are no longer selling items they were established for

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Councillor Fred Brown that charity shops are no longer selling the items they were established for.

People gave them things that were no longer needed but in very good order to be sold to make a fair price for people who were in need.

Now, however, they are selling top range goods at top range prices like any normal shop does, but these shops are on a winner every time as they are not paying the same rates as high street retailers.

This has got way out of hand. Certainly, no-one is against charity shops, so long as they sell goods at second hand prices. But now they are pricing goods equal to those on the high street and are paying less rates, which is very unfair.

If they want to carry on at this rate, East Cambridgeshire District Council must up its rates in line with other shops.

I say to our councillors, bring these charity shops into line or they must only take and sell what they are given.


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