A family tribute to Eddie Holden, in the form of a poem

A poem for Eddie Holden, from his granddaughter.

It’s time for Eddie to rest his pen and quill,

The keys on his computer are now so still.

We’re sure you’ve read the pages with glee,

Whether you really dislike or totally agree.

Causing and sparking many ‘a debate,

Helping to show change is never too late.

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His thoughts and ideas he always shared,

To open up discussion and show he cared.

To some of you he was a friend,

For others, just a name at the end.

Behind the words a full life was led,

Husband, father and Grandad Ted.

A big friendly smile and a louder laugh,

His zest for life was unsurpassed.

The big gap he leaves can never be filled,

But great memories soak the tears that are spilled.

Signing off for our hero, this is our ode,

We love Eddie Holden from Ely Road.


On behalf of all Eddie’s family.

Via e-mail