The Christmas Doll by Amy Sparkes - part The Repair Shop series - is the child book of the week.

A delightful picture book is aimed at the younger reader and full of Christmas sparkle. It is beautifully written and illustrated. When little Susan is evacuated from wartime London and sent to live with a family in the countryside, she doesn't hold much hope for the months ahead.

Then, on Christmas morning, she is given a doll and Susan thinks this must be the best present she has ever had. Years later with a great granddaughter of her own, she realises that the now battered doll holds much more meaning to her and as she stands in The Repair Shop, thinking back on her childhood, she realises that, in fact, the greatest gift was the kindness bestowed upon her and her ability to remember it always as she holds her precious doll close to her.

Starring Jay and the Teddy Bear ladies this would be a lovely present even if you are not a fan of The Repair Shop.