Three different women, three different stories all entwined.

We have Lucienne in 1899, in Paris, when her daughters mysteriously disappear and are believed dead, Luicenne believes otherwise.

Lina in 1940's is in Quebec. Who is the elderly lady held within an asylum where Lina's mother works? Finally, Maxine in 2002, a widowed police officer whose story becomes entangled those of the past when a murder leads to more macabre discoveries.

So this book begins almost as a conventional murder mystery but becomes so much more as this twisting labyrinth of passion, power and the temptation of dark rites explore what women are seen to be and what they really are.

The twist at the end had me scrambling to re-read just to see if the author had left breadcrumbs for me to follow and magnificently they were there and I had missed them all! A brilliant Gothic novel which is ideal for this Haunting season.