David Walliams returns for another rip roaring adventure and this time it is set in the rural heartlands of 1960's America.

Meet Ruth, she loves climbing trees, making a mess and throwing stones. But the thing she loves most is space. She spends her days reading comics about alien invasions, doodling UFOs, watching B-movies about Earth being invaded by creatures from Mars… and gazing at the stars through her old, battered telescope.

Until one night that is, when Ruth spies a flying saucer crash landing. Is she dreaming? No! And the flying saucer is on fire. As she rushes to help, she has no idea what adventure now awaits her.

As usual David Walliams has written a fast-paced book with engaging characters and he explores a fascinating part of history. The illustrations by Adam Stower provide a great, fun background and any young fan of David Walliams will love this this new adventure.