This week, Garry Thompson, branch manager of Abbotts in Hunstanton shares the story of buying his first home.

When did you buy your first home?
July 2001.

Where was it?
Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

What was it?
A two-up two-down cottage. It was the only property I could really afford and there was no stamp duty.

How much did you pay for it?

How did you save for it?
I used my credit card for a deposit.

How did you decide on the location?
The area was really affordable and I was looking to relocate for my job.

What was on your wishlist?
Nothing in particular, I just wanted to make sure I got onto the property ladder.

Were there any problems?
The property did need updating a bit but I didn’t do any work to it.

How did you feel on move-in day?
I felt extremely excited at the prospect of owning my own property at the age of 21.

Any surprising moments?
It only took me three weeks from offer accepted to completion, which I was quite shocked about!

What did you learn about homeownership after moving in?
Owning your own home really helps you manage your money when you know you have a mortgage and bills to pay.

What advice would you have for other first-time buyers?
With the high demand and shortage of properties coming onto the market, I would highly recommend that first-time buyers put themselves in a strong position by getting as ready as possible to pounce on properties.

This would be things like getting a mortgage agreement in principle (AIP) in place and making sure you choose the correct agent to help guide you through the house buying process.

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