Once again, top children's author Rachel Bright, has created a delightful picture book with a lyrical and poetic text.

The Stompysaurus has plans for his day (generally involving lots of laughs and fun) but is exasperated by his younger brother. He is then given a terrible choice for breakfast and his whole good day vibe evaporates.

Stomping around and annoying his friends and generally making sure everyone knows what a bad mood he is in, Stompy finds himself alone and upset. Luckily a kind Battosaur nearby helps Stompy find a way back to his normal jolly self and to the good day he had planned.

The combination of Rachel's clear and insightful take on bad moods and Chris Chatterton's fun and endearing illustrations makes this a perfect book for little ones' who just might need some help coming back to their loving selves. Although I must admit that the bad tempered and moody version of Stomp is quite charming too in his own way