Don’t fancy sharing your picnic with ants and wasps? Not to worry, our handy guide will reveal how to ensure your summer is a pest-free one!

We chat with pest control expert Daniel Neves from Inoculand Pest Control which operates throughout the UK, to discover what creatures to be on the lookout for this summer, and most importantly, how to get rid of them.

1. Wasps

Between May and November, you’ll likely spot wasps around your garden and home.

“If you notice only one or two, then it’s not a cause for concern,” Daniel says. “Just remember to stay calm as panicking may cause the wasp to attack.”

If you notice over five wasps in your house, however, then this could indicate a wasp nest nearby.

“Wasp nests can be hard to spot, though they are often located in sheltered areas of the property, in lofts, the eaves of your roof or even your shed,” Daniel explains. “It’s best to contact a pest control expert right away if you suspect you have one in the house. Attempting to remove the nest yourself can be incredibly dangerous.”

Inoculand can visit your home, locate the nest and use insecticidal dust to kill the wasps overnight, then safely remove the structure the very next day.

2. Ants

Ants love food and are always on the hunt for it.

“This is why you’re most likely to find ants in your kitchen, especially during the summer,” Daniel reveals. “They can find their way into your cupboards, food packets and even your fridge.

“If you notice a trail of ants inside the house, it’s best to contact a pest control technician to prevent you from needing to throw out and replace all of your food.”

Inoculand provides a thorough ant exterminator service that removes all the ants from your home, without you needing to leave the property while treatment is carried out.

“Our gel formula is far more effective than powders, sprays and home remedies, as it kills off the scavenger ants and the queen to ensure the infestation is completely removed and won’t come back,” Daniel says.

3. Mice

Crafty and agile, mice are another common visitor in London homes. They require little more than a coin-size gap to find a way into your property.

Ely Standard: Ants are always on the look out for food which is why you are most likely to find an infestation in your kitchen.Ants are always on the look out for food which is why you are most likely to find an infestation in your kitchen. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“They may build a nest inside your walls, beneath floorboards, in an under-stairs cupboard,” Daniel shares. “You may even find them inside your wall air vents.”

As mice breed rapidly and copiously, it’s important to react quickly.

“We use baiting to remove the mice, providing two home visits within three months to ensure the infestation is entirely removed,” Daniel says. “We also offer a mouse-proofing service to cover any holes and gaps in your home that mice may use to get in.

“This includes covering up wall air vents, sealing gaps behind your sink and repairing pipes. It’s the best way to make sure they aren’t a problem in the future.”

4. Flies and mosquitoes

Two common pesky summer pests that are unhygienic and incredibly annoying.

“Both flies and mosquitoes can transmit pathogens like salmonella,” Daniel divulges. “Mosquitos also pose a larger threat, as they will often bite when you are asleep.”

When it’s warm, many of us open our windows and doors, allowing ample access for bugs to get in.

Emptying your bin regularly, washing up daily, and disposing of out-of-date food can help to prevent them.

Ely Standard: Flies are an incredibly annoying pest, as well as unhygienic, which is why if you have an infestation it's best to contact a pest control expert as soon as possible.Flies are an incredibly annoying pest, as well as unhygienic, which is why if you have an infestation it's best to contact a pest control expert as soon as possible. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“If you only notice a few, then I’d recommend trying some home remedies to help you control the problem such as flypaper and fitting window screens to keep mozzies at bay,” Daniel says. “However, if you notice a large swarm of fruit flies or blue bottles, then it may be time to call in a professional.”

Inoculand will recommend the most effective removal method and spray residual insecticides to kill off the flies and deter others.

5. Cockroaches

“Cockroaches are the pest that people dread having the most,” Daniel shares. “They’re associated with being dirty and smelly and for good reason. Cockroaches carry diseases, which is why you must get rid of them promptly.

Cockroaches are often attracted to damp, warm places which can make them a common problem in summer.”

As nocturnal animals, it’s unlikely that you’ll spot them during the day, which can make it harder to tell if you have a cockroach problem. Be aware of strong odours, look for signs of shredded skin and smear marks to see if they may be in your home.

“We don’t recommend spraying insecticides as this can simply move them from one place to another, spreading the infestation,” Daniel clarifies. “Instead, we use high-tech products and goliath gel, for a fast, effective and long-lasting remedy.

“I would always recommend seeking professional advice for a pest problem to help you save money, time and stress. This way you can spend your summer having fun with friends and family, and focusing on what matters most.”

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