100 Hackney Carriages, but only 14 ranks in Ely? Nothing has changed since you were in office, Fred

I FEEL I must reply to Fred Brown’s letter regarding parking in Ely, in particular taxis (May 30).

He states that they park where they like in Market Street and High Street.

Well I partially agree with his comments, this was also the case when he was a district councillor and county councillor.

Does Mr Brown know that there is about 100 Hackney Carriage vehicles in East Cambridgeshire and in the Ely there are seven spaces within two taxi ranks, plus seven spaces at the railway station?

Nothing has changed Mr Brown since you held office.

It’s no good you shouting and knocking everyone in site, you should by now have realised what the overall cost to yourself would be.

Let’s see if it’s third time lucky at the parish council elections.

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