Heated loo seats are top of the agenda at Eccentric Party conference

PUBLISHED: 15:55 06 October 2016 | UPDATED: 16:34 06 October 2016

Lord Toby Jug at St Ives

Lord Toby Jug at St Ives


The Eccentric Party of Great Britain held its annual conference in St Ives on Saturday, complete with a cabinet reshuffle and new policies.

Lord Toby Jug and editor of the Cambs Times, Ely Standard and Wisbech Standard, John Elworthy.Lord Toby Jug and editor of the Cambs Times, Ely Standard and Wisbech Standard, John Elworthy.

Led by Lord Toby Jug, the party set up base in The Oliver Cromwell pub where Lord Bungle was promoted from chairman to deputy leader, before new policies like providing the elderly with heated toilet seats in the winter were put forward.

“Most parties have a think tank, but because we did it in the pub it’s a party drink tank,” Lord Jug told The Hunts Post.

“I did a couple of songs too, including one of Lord Sutch’s songs Jack the Ripper, and we were lucky with the weather and had a fantastic time. There was a lot of colour and it added a lot of smiles to the political scene.”

The party also voted to change the working week from five days to two, while extending the weekend from two to five.

“They are fed up with the so-called mainstream political parties and decided we are the perfect antidote, getting the serious message across in a fun way,” he said.

Lord Jug also spent October 1 playing poohsticks, and searching for the Ouse Monster, which, despite a £100 wager, did not show itself.

“We played poohsticks on the St Ives Bridge and wrote the names of the other parties on the others, and ours obviously came first so we did actually win something,” he added.

“Sadly the Ouse Monster did not appear. She had promised to but apparently she won’t appear now until I’m Prime Minister, and you never know in politics.”

As well as his latest recruitment drive, Lord Jug is preparing to stand in the Witney by-election, where 13 other candidates will vie for former Prime Minister, David Cameron’s seat on October 20.

“If they are mad enough to have voted for David Cameron, I think we’re in with a chance,” he added.

“People seem to be very please we are standing, and I’m looking forward to it.”

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