Wisbech police car snapped with number plate ‘obscured by dirt and grime’ on day motorist in Ely fined £100 for same offence

PUBLISHED: 09:52 28 January 2017 | UPDATED: 12:04 28 January 2017

Police car spotted in Cromwell Road, Wisbech, with dirty number plates - earlier police had fined a Ely motorist £100 for a similar offence.

Police car spotted in Cromwell Road, Wisbech, with dirty number plates - earlier police had fined a Ely motorist £100 for a similar offence.


An eagle eyed motorist posted a photo of a police car with a number plate obscured by dirt – on the day police in Ely fined a motorist £100 for the same offence!

“One rule for them, one for us?” questioned the reader who sent in the photo of the Wisbech police just hours after Cambs police released details of the Ely offender.

The Wisbech police car was spotted at the junction of Weasenham Lane and Cromwell Road heading to Tesco.

A police spokesman shown the offending photo of the car in Wisbech agreed it was a fair cop.

“The roads are particularly dirty at the moment due to recent weather and police vehicles should be cleaned after every shift,” he said.

“Officers have been reminded of this to ensure that procedures are followed.”

Earlier police had warned motorists that they are required by law to display their number plates.

“Having number plates obscured by dirt and grime is no different to removing you number plates and driving around without them on display at all,” said a spokesman.

Police in Ely released an image of a car parked on High Street and pointed out it would result “in a £100 fine or attendance at magistrates court to protest innocence. The offence is having an ‘obscure or indistinguishable’ registration plate.”

Sgt Phil Priestley said: “We’re all driving round in dirty cars during the winter months - it’s virtually impossible to keep them clean - however the standards of being able to read the registration plates is the same all year round.

“It’s fair warning to everyone just to check their cars and avoid the possibility of an unpleasant fine”.


  • Ok, Car hits your car and dives off. Even worse hits a child . Dirty number plate prevents you identifying the vehicle. Now who's moaning that the police should enforce the law. Police vehicles have numbers and letters all over them for identification. Dodgy drivers are not lazy, just crafty hoping they cannot be identified for all manner of drivingspeeding offences. It's deliberate not accidental.

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    Monday, January 30, 2017

  • OK, so you get hit by another car. It drives off.It cannot be identified because of a filthy number plate Different story now isn't it. A police car wouldn't and if it did it can still be easily identified.

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    Sunday, January 29, 2017

  • Dirty number plates are often left uncleared for one reason. The drivers speed for most of their journeys and cameras will have a harder job identifying them. It has nothing to do with laziness,it's deliberate. As for the police car, it can still be identified by various numbers all over it. A private car is a little more difficult. No real excuse for it though.

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    Sunday, January 29, 2017

  • Whilst I'm in awe of Labratone for being so law abiding, surely the issue here is that the police have better things to do than fine hard working people for having a dirty car, when by their own admission its difficult in the current weather conditions, wouldn't a quiet word to clean it have been sufficient. Yet again the police target "easy wins", burglaries go virtually undetected in this country as they are happy for insurers to pick up the bill rather than do leg work, much easier to sit in a nice warm car and pick on people trying to go about their business....also I'd like to know which policeman will be paying the £100 fine for the incident highlighted,,,,although we all know they wont be as they can do what they please....

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    Saturday, January 28, 2017

  • I have just seen a learner driver whose front L plate was barely visible, due to the muck on the car. The rear number plate was completely black, the rear screen was unwashed and completely obscured, as were the rear lights. Could hardly see the brake lights. Every day I see dozens of cars with obscured plates and filthy lights. Where are the police? Oh yes,... no money to run patrols or roadside checks anymore. Most road laws are ignored now by lazy drivers or drivers who don't even know the laws. Personally, I keep a 5 litre bottle of water and a big tissue roll in the boot and wipe my lights, plates and door mirrors every morning before I go to work, and again before I leave work if necessary. Takes a couple of minutes.

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    Saturday, January 28, 2017

  • Fair comment about the photographer but surely the question also has to be asked. I have a healthy respect for the police but they are not above the law and if they report a driver who is fined for having an obscured number plate - what is the defence of one of their own drivers ?. It should not be a case of tit for tat - just keeping legal. If I used their excuse would I be let off ?. This cannot just be ignored. I assume they are hoping it will go away.

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    David D

    Saturday, January 28, 2017

  • Taking a picture with your phone from the driving seat, whilst waiting at the lights? £200 and six points soon. Better a still from the dashcam .......

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    Mr Blott

    Saturday, January 28, 2017

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