Cambridge graduate and high flying barrister wins nomination for Sir Jim’s Cambridgeshire seat

Tory hopeful: Lucy Frazer Tory hopeful: Lucy Frazer

Sunday, December 8, 2013
11:48 AM

A high flying barrister who 20 years ago became one of the few women presidents of the Cambridge Union Society now has a different election to fight following her selection as a Cambridgeshire Parliamentary candidate.

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Lucy Frazer, 44, was chosen from three other short listed candidates to replace Sir Jim Paice, who is standing down at the next election as MP for SE Cambs.

A lengthy selection process saw the final four given the opportunity yesterday to appear before voters of all parties at an ‘open primary’. It was the same method used to select Stephen Barclay for NE Cambs who replaced Malcolm Moss at the last election.

Mrs Frazer, who studied law at Newnham College, Cambridge, was described by Elle Seymour, a local political consultant, as “outstanding”.

Ms Seymour said Mrs Frazer was the only child in her family to go to university (her two sisters left school at 16) and her achievements at university and since have been “truly inspirational”.

Mrs Frazer, QC, is an expert in business law and on her public profile describes her success in winning a £1m case recently against all the odds.

“I know how to fight for a cause and win through strategy, persistence, advocacy and negotiation,” she said.

Education Minister Michael Gove has described her as “one of the future stars of the Conservative Party”.

In the final battle to secure the nomination – which was open to anyone who applied for a ticket- she beat off two other women and the only man on the short list, Paul Bristow, whose father is a Whittlesey town councillor.

At the last election Sir Jim had a majority of 5,946.


  • Huh! Yet another lawyer going into politics! Haven't we had enough of them latch on to Westminster already over the years? Instead of getting another silver-tongued lawyer run for M.P. the country would be much better off in having actual business people with first-hand experience of running a business running the country, instead of people with no or very little experience! Little wonder the country is in a mess.

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    Boadicea 1959

    Sunday, December 8, 2013

  • Most barrister MPs are part time....they won't give up their highly lucrative bar work for the mere pittance of an MP's pay. Voters take note.

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    Sunday, December 8, 2013

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