After the anti lobby had their say, a group claiming 180 members explains why it SUPPORTS Haddenham wind turbines

23:24 28 July 2014

Wind turbine

Wind turbine


A group which has spoken out in favour of the controversial wind turbine plans at Haddenham says it already has almost 200 supporters.

The ‘Yes to Berry Fen Wind Farm’ group has been set up by Colby Smith, formerly of Lester Drive, Haddenham, who believes the environmental and community benefits of the scheme far outweigh the aesthetic impact.

Mr Smith, who now lives in Sutton, said that the group opposed to REG Windpower’s plans, Say No to Berry Fen Wind Farm, had been very vocal and organised but he believes that there is a significant number of people living in the village who back the plans.

He said: “There is a lot of opposition to the wind farm but it occurred to me that there must be people in favour of it too but they didn’t have an outlet to express their views. That’s why I started up the pro group.

“Everyone wants the benefits of green energy and to be able to flick a switch off and on whenever they like but they don’t want things like wind farms on their doorsteps. I think people need to take responsibility.

“I know that living in Sutton it doesn’t affect me directly but I wanted to represent the views of people who are in favour of this wind farm. I don’t think enough of the positive aspects have been highlighted.”

Mr Smith’s Facebook group has so far attracted 180 supporters and he is hoping to continue to raise its profile in the coming weeks.

In response to allegations by opponents of the turbines that they would reduce the value of homes in Haddenham and Aldreth, Mr Smith said it was still unclear whether that was the case.

“I have read studies which say they will affect the value and some which say they wont,” he added.

It was revealed last week that REG had applied to East Cambridgeshire District Council to build three wind turbines measuring up to 125metres tall at Berry Fen, between Haddenham and Aldreth.

REG says it will set up a community fund worth thousands of pounds every year if the wind farm is approved but opponents say it will be a hazard to wildlife and wipe thousands of pounds off the value of homes.


  • I have indeed heard the opinions of people from Haddenham and Aldreth and many of them are hugely in favour of the development, although if any residents would like to get in contact with me and air their views I would be more than happy to listen. I'd also like to remind you that the no campaign insists that it values of the opinions of people living in Sutton, Colne, Earith, Bluntisham, Over, Willingham, Chittering and Stretham. In regards to the survey, if you knock on someone's door and spend 20 minutes listing all the negative aspects of wind energy and none of the positives, it is hardly surprising that people have been scared into opposing the development. The people of Haddenham have largley been misinformed and I disagree with the tactic of scaremongering to win an argument. For example, if you visit the SBFWF website you are greeted with a large picture of a skull and crossbones!!! Hardly symbology I'd associate with a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of energy production. Colby Smith Left Unity

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    Colby Smith

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

  • Whilst I respect Mr Smith’s desire to set up a Pro Wind farm group I would like to suggest that he may like to come and talk to those who would will be directly affected in Aldreth and Haddenham where there is a great deal of concern over this proposed development. I notice within interest that the 180 “likes” his Facebook group has attracted include the Development Director of REG Windpower and the landowner who stand to make thousands and thousands of pounds if this development is approved, it is also not clear how many of those “likes” are from the local community, conversely the “say no” campaign have surveyed the local community and have over 850 responses against this development. Most people agree with the need for renewable energy but believe developments need to be where they can maximise the green energy they produce on the back of the generous tax-payer subsidies and protect local communities from the potential harmful effects of AM noises produced by industrial wind turbines. Green energy yes but not at any cost!!!

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    Aldreth resident

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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