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Sunday, May 22, 2016

I hope I’m not the only one in the county not to understand why if the Government is so keen on devolution why it will not devolve powers for health, planning and transport direct to the county council we already have - without new costs being brought in with a new structure?

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The subject of dogs being allowed in Ely stores has been the main topic hotly debated on social media including the Littleport Notice Board Facebook page.


Gordon Brown is the latest fossil to be dragged out of the cupboard to tell us how stupid we would all be to leave the European Union.

European Union

After weeks of streets being dug up for the purpose of giving us all more efficient lighting in Ely we seem to be getting back to normal even though some streets are in darkness at certain times to save even more money.


The public are being bombarded with facts? Many of them distorted by bias, I would like to mention a few points which are universally accepted.

David Cameron

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